Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is another one of the modalities used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Chinese herbs are a nice complement to the acupuncture treatment.  By utilizing both, you can speed your healing process.  

Chinese herbs are not just from China.  In fact, many grow right here in the Northwest.  You may even have some in your yard and not know it!  Many commonly used herbs, such as cinnamon, fennel, or dandelion root, are used in Chinese herbalism.  The thing that makes Chinese herbs different is the way they are prescribed and used.  A Chinese herb is classified by its temperature, taste, where it acts in the body, and it’s principal action according to Traditional Chinese medical diagnosis.  

Chinese herbs are prescribed in formulas of several herbs, working together, with each having it’s own role in the formula.  Chinese herbal formulas can be taken in pill, tablet, liquid, powder granules, and whole raw herb teas that are boiled into a tea decoction.  

Chinese herbs are powerful medicine and can have side effects if used improperly, which is why you should not take herbs unless they are prescribed by a licensed practitioner even though many are sold over the counter.  The herbal manufacturers I purchase from are reputable companies located in the U.S. and do extensive safety and quality testing for heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins.

Maureen delivers excellent care that is based in research and current literature. She frequently attends continuing education courses that enhance her knowledge and effectiveness. I have felt well cared for by her. She responds rapidly to requests and is accommodating to my schedule as she is able.  ~ Anonymous