Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling

Self-care at home is very important and is a major factor in the outcome of your treatment.  Food is medicine according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  What you eat and put into your body can help heal disease and can also cause disease.  Exercise, sleep and other lifestyle habits can also help or slow your healing process. 

I will discuss these things with you and make suggestions according to your individual diagnosis.  Everyone has different lifestyle needs and there is not one diet, exercise program, etc. that works for everybody.


I have been working with Maureen for nearly four months. She is a pleasure to work with as I pursue better health for myself. She is a great listener, and conscientous practitioner, using each visit to target the areas of health that I am focused on. I have seen & felt increased wellness, and symptoms that were troubling me have been resolved as the result of Maureen's treatments. She came highly recommended by close friends, and I would offer that same recommendation to others.  ~ PFB

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