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Highly recommend

"Nothing but good things to say about Full Bloom! Maureen is caring and professional. She takes time to answer all of my questions and alieviate concerns"

Feb 3, 2017    |   Customer since January 2017

Attentive and capable

"Whatever I bring to Maureen's attention - stress, allergies, physical injuries, PMS - is greeted with genuine caring and capable treatment. Maureen follows up on issues from previous visits. In short, I feel healthier having Maureen on my health care team."

Oct 3, 2016  |  Customer since November 2015

Excellent service

"I have been seeing Maureen for over a year and look forward to my visits. Maureen is patient, knowledgeable and really listens to your experience. I highly recommend seeing her and have recommended her to others."

Oct 1, 2016  |  Customer since September 2015

Amazing professional!

"Maureen is such a wonderful, calm, and relaxed professional. I drive all the way from Edmonds in traffic, just to see her and receive treatment! Maureen has a calming presence, listens attentively, checks in thoroughly each session, and explains her thought process clearly. I come out from my session feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated - the effects are lasting for days. She has been so kind to me during periods of loss and really helped me through, I would highly recommend seeing Maureen!!"

Sep 30, 2016  |  Customer since October 2015


"I was a little nervous about my first acupuncture visit, but I am now hooked! I had so much energy afterwards. Maureen is just wonderful. She takes time to understand your personal background, needs, and goals. Cannot wait to come back!"

Aug 14, 2016  |  Customer since July 2016

Maureen is amazing!

"Maureen is the best! She is so sweet and personable! I would never go anywhere else! You never feel anything, she knows her stuff!!!"

Aug 7, 2016  |  Customer since March 2016

Love my visits with Maureen!

"My husband and I both started seeing Maureen last Fall after years of struggling to get pregnant. We both so enjoy our time spent with Maureen. Not only is she is extremely professional, a wealth of information and an expert in her field, she is caring, kind and attentive to her clients. I always walk out of my sessions with Maureen much more calm, relaxed and aware of my mind and body."

Jun 27, 2016  |  Customer since September 2015

Satisfied Patient

"Maureen is professional, kind and caring. Her treatments have benefited my general well being and ageing issues. She is a positive force in my life. I highly recommend her."

Jun 4, 2016  |  Customer since February 2015

Research-based treatment

"Maureen delivers excellent care that is based in research and current literature. She frequently attends continuing education courses that enhance her knowledge and effectiveness. I have felt well cared for by her. She responds rapidly to requests and is accommodating to my schedule as she is able."

May 25, 2016  |  Customer since January 2016


"Maureen is awesome! She is very knowledgable and love going to her. I saw her for my first pregnancy and recommend her to any of my friends who are looking for an acupuncturist."

May 4, 2016  |  Customer since December 2015

Had a wonderful experience!

"Maureen was great! It was my first time using acupuncture and I was a little nervous but Maureen made my experience relaxing and enjoyable! Looking forward to my next appointment!"

Apr 22, 2016  |  Customer since March 2016

Knowledgeable and competent

"I had never done acupuncture before and Maureen has been great! I highly recommend her. She knows her stuff."

Apr 10, 2016  |  Customer since April 2016

New to acupncture

"Aside from one "demo" treatment years ago related to my work, I'd never had acupuncture. I didn't really even understand how it was supposed to work and, mostly still don't. Regardless, I am sold on its value. After seeing Maureen for about five months, I'm sleeping better and the difference it's made in my stress level and my ability to handle stress is pretty remarkable. Thanks, Maureen!"

Mar 21, 2016  |  Customer since October 2015

An Appt with Full Bloom Acupunture is Time Well Spent

"I have been working with Maureen for nearly four months. She is a pleasure to work with as I pursue better health for myself. She is a great listener, and conscientous practitioner, using each visit to target the areas of health that I am focused on. I have seen & felt increased wellness, and symptoms that were troubling me have been resolved as the result of Maureen's treatments. She came highly recommended by close friends, and I would offer that same recommendation to others."

Feb 22, 2016  |  Customer since October 2015

Spiritual maintenance and self care

"Maureen gives a wonderful gift of experience, attention and positive challenge. The pins place her gift. Life is better as a result. Maureen's practice contributes to one's general wellness and spiritual journey! Thank you Maureen!!"

Feb 22, 2016  |  Customer since February 2015


"Full Bloom Acupuncture is the best. Convenient location, relaxing atmosphere, easy to make an appointment. Best of all is the time Maureen takes to really listen and understand what's going on with you and your body."

Feb 19, 2016  |  Customer since February 2016


"This is the best place for Acupunture! I've used Full Bloom for years. She's keeping me healthy. It's not a quick fix like Dr's. Keep coming back."

Dec 11, 2015  |  Customer since February 2015

Grateful for Maureen!

"My husband and I so appreciate Maureen and her expertise, calm nature and friendliness. She's an excellent listener and really has helped us get through some tough times on our fertility journey. We are grateful our naturopath referred us to her as she has become a vital component of this journey we are on. Both my husband and I really enjoy our sessions with Maureen and always look forward to our next appointment!"

Dec 10, 2015  |  Customer since September 2015

Maureen is amazing!

"Maureen is such a wonderful, calm, and relaxed professional. I drive all the way from Edmonds in rush hour traffic, just to see her and receive treatment! Maureen has a calming presence, listens attentively, checks in thoroughly each session, and explains her thought process clearly. I come out from my session feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated - I sleep better, my knee and hip don't hurt as much, and the effects are lasting for days. I would highly recommend seeing Maureen!! "

Nov 29, 2015  |  Customer since October 2015

Excellent Experience

"Maureen is wonderful. She is so thoughtful and clear in her explanations as well as really listening to what has brought you in. She is professional with a gentle, thoughtful, and warm way. I left feeling encouraged and hopeful for change in my body. I highly recommend Maureen!!!"

Nov 9, 2015  |  Customer since October 2015

Maureen is a gift

"Maureen is a gift, and I am grateful to have found her. Her presence is warm, and her approach feels just right - she is professional with a gentle, thoughtful, mindful way of tending to the whole body. She has helped me find a regular, fertile ovulation cycle after nearly 20 years of being on birth control pills. Now that my cycle is regular again I continue to see her as it feels very nourishing. She always addresses whatever I arrive with beautifully. Highly recommend Maureen! xo"

Oct 30, 2015  |  Customer since February 2015

So happy I found Maureen!

"Maureen is truly amazing! She continues to thoughtfully and skillfully help me untangle the rats nest of health issues that have been plaguing me longer than I even realized. I am so fatigued from doctor appointments, but I look forward to my sessions with Maureen. She cares about the whole person, is easy to talk to, and her treatments work. Aside from the obvious benefits of the acupuncture, I leave feeling encouraged that I will find my way to a fully pain-free, healthier place."

Oct 30, 2015  |  Customer since June 2015

Maureen is simply amazing!

"I have been battling infertility for close to 4 years now. During this time, I have seen close to half a dozen acupuncturists. My search ended when I found Maureen. She is full of empathy and understanding for her clients. And she is such a genuinely nice person. It has been wonderful working with her. Though I live in Kirkland and work in downtown Seattle, I still take 4-5 buses it takes to see her!"

Oct 21, 2015  |  Customer since February 2015


"Love, love, love working with Maureen! She is amazing & really works with each client to achieve their goals! I moved to the Eastside & will always make the drive to see Maureen!"

Oct 3, 2015  |  Customer since September 2015

The best!

"I've been to a bunch of acupuncturist. Some near perfect, some not at all perfect, but then I met Maureen and knew my search was over. Not only conveniently located near my home, but also so easy to talk to, to make appointments with (she even does Saturdays!) and is a great listener of any issues I'm currently having. I never feel rushed and her new place is so welcoming. I hope she stays in Ballard forever!"

Jul 20, 2015  |  Customer since May 2015

Maureen Conant is my GURU!

"Thanks to Maureen for keeping my "chair" balanced. I've been a patient for 8 years and she's helped me with stress, soar muscles, sinus problem and menopause. I can't thank her enough for being there for me and threat my symptoms ! Often they go away after 2-3 appointments. I totally believe in Acupuncture and so does my family. We're all her patients. My son had Plantar warts under his feet and after 2 treatments with Maureen they're gone and has not come back (5 years)"

Jun 25, 2015  |  Customer since February 2015

Exactly what i was looking for

"Maureen is really great. She listens, she asked the right questions, she set the mood perfectly, and has been super patient with my crazy schedule. I can tell that the next few months with her are going to be exactly what I need."

Jun 14, 2015  |  Customer since May 2015

Compassionate acupuncture

"I saw Maureen while experiencing problems with infertility. Infertility can be a private and isolating health problem not many people understand. Maureen took her time to listen to me and thoroughly understand my experience before jumping into treatment. It's not something I'd been able to talk to many people about, and Maureen made me feel heard. I felt rested and relaxed after treatment. Two weeks after my first treatment, I had a positive pregnancy test! Clearly Maureen is the best!"

May 12, 2015  |  Customer since February 2015


"I have a rotator cuff tear which is a source of almost constant pain. I wanted to alleviate the pain without NSAID pain medications. Two people told me that acupuncture helped/cured their rotator cuff issues. Ms. Conant is professional, concerned and explained what to expect from the treatment. I think that this treatment has helped reduce the pain and would recommend trying it. Maureen is a great practitioner!"

Apr 25, 2015  |  Customer since February 2015

Ahhhh! Wellness!

"I must first do a disclaimer. Maureen is my daughter. I believe the body is designed to heat itself and the natural state is good health. I also believe that we get in the way of the perfect state. Our lifestyle and our attitudes either help or hurt us. Stress is an enemy. I hardly ever have any specific complaints so Mo just does a "tune up" which stimulates my natural immune system to do it's job. I am 76 years old, still working full time and enjoying almost perfect health."

Apr 16, 2015  |  Customer since April 2015

Wonderful service

"Maureen does a wonderful job. She makes sure to understand what is going on in my day to day world and adjusts the treatment accordingly. There are days my allergies act up worse than others and helps manage my other aches and pains as well. I have opted to use acupuncture over other treatment methods and found this works better and has lasting impact. Thank you!"

Apr 13, 2015  |  Customer since April 2015

Maureen offers a very approachable and knowledgable practice with an elevated level of care

"Full Bloom Acupuncture was recommended to me by a close friend in the industry because she knew I would appreciate Maureen's approach and level of care. She was right. The Acupuncture itself is amazing, but the time spent talking about the issues I am dealing with is very valuable. She always has interesting questions & suggestions for healing beyond her practice. My experience has been extremely positive and I consider Maureen part of my team of people working together to meet my medical needs."

Mar 31, 2015  |  Customer since March 2015